The Truth Of How Ellen Got The Exclusive Jesus Campos Interview

What a fucking joke.

David Knight does a good job breaking things down, he’s about the only guy at Infowars I can listen to for more than 10 minutes.

“200 bullets got fired into the hallway and he only got hit by one of them…that’s lucky” – David Knight


Real News with David Knight

MGM was exposed to massive liability & lawsuits by TimeLine 2.0 which put security guard Jesus Campos at the beginning of the shooting but had a delay of 6 minutes before LVPD were called. Jesus disappeared as he was about to do a half dozen interviews and didn’t resurface until he appeared 5 days later on the Ellen Degeneres show. Ellen asked no questions but lauded him as a hero. Interestingly, Ellen had premiered a line of celebrity slot machines at the MGM Grand 9 days before the shooting.

War Room

Its no coincidence that Ellen got the first interview with Jesus Campos interview.

Bravo Von Muller

Body Language Deception of Jesus Campos on the Ellen Degenerate Show. Lets go into this complex Matrix of Diversion, Jesus Campos was debriefed for 15 days but his emotional condition can’t hide his Deception. The Ellen show is connected to Time-Warner Bros who has a Big Saudi Prince Investor. Dubai World Saved the MGM from going out of business, Ellen Promotes MGM at every Chance and MGM/Mandalay Bay Security Guard shows up on her Entertainment Show, WTH !!! The Rothschilds advise Dubai World. Ellen did not ask any tough questions about Social Security numbers or what Country he was born in. MGM-Dubai-Rothschild has hired an Elite Crisis Management team to handle the Spin. Ellen has promoted MGM often, because Saudi-Rothschild oil Money is connected to MGM and Time-Warner Bros. What a Slap in the Face to the Families.

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