Hitler’s Monsters: A Supernatural History of the Third Reich

Pretty interesting presentation. Eric outlines how the Nazis used occult topics to spread disinformation among people who believed or had a loose interest in the occult. I see this happening today, especially in the YouTube community. People think they know more than they really do about the occult, namely Satanism, Freemasonry, Gemetria, and Astrology, and conclude that if something is written in or presented in an occultic fashion or has an occultic theme it must be true. Quite frankly I’m surprised how many people who think they know something about the occult think 666 signifies Satan. It doesn’t.

There were serious occultists among the ranks in Germany but they knew many people had an interest in it so they used it as a disinformation tool. Nice to know the same techniques are being used today to spread disinformation and even engage in espionage…~TS


On this All Hallows’ Eve, a special Halloween look at last week’s program – “Hitler’s Monsters”. The Nazi fascination with the occult is legendary, and in reality the supernatural was an essential part of the Nazi project. The regime enlisted astrology and the paranormal, paganism, Indo-Aryan mythology, witchcraft, miracle weapons, and the lost kingdom of Atlantis in reimagining German politics and society and recasting German science and religion.

Join Eric Kurlander, professor of history at Stetson University and author of Hitler’s Monsters: A Supernatural History of the Third Reich, for an eye-opening look at the occult ideas, esoteric sciences, and pagan religions touted by Nazi Germany in the service of power.

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