Zeus and Jesus Christ: Their Shocking Connection

There’s over 40 incarnations of the sun god that predate Jesus and share the same story as Jesus, light of the world, son of God, virgin birth, performs miracles, rises from the dead after three days, has 12 helpers (signs/constellations of the Zodiac), etc…. Adad, Adnos, Alcides, Amon-Ra, Attis, Baal, Bali, Beddru, Bremrillah, Budha Sakia, Cadmus, Crite, Deva Tat. Dionysus, Eros, Feta, Fohi, Gentaut, Hesus, Hil, Horus, Icshy, Ixion, Jao, Krisna, Mikado, Mithra, Odin, Orus, Osiris, Prometheus, Quexalcote, Sali, Taut, Thammuz, Thor, Tien, Wittoba, Xamolxis, Zhule, Zoar, Zoroaster.

Virgin Birth (Symbolism, Mythology, and Mystery)


By JC Zuzierla | Ancient Code

Is it possible that Zeus and Jesus are one and the same?

A significant number of historians are starting to believe that the name Jesus is actually derived from the Greek name Zeus instead of the once believed Jewish name Jehovah or Yahweh.

The name Jesus is very new when compared to Zeus, which was an already established god for centuries before the introduction of Jesus as the son of God, and to many — an extension of God himself.

Everything that you will read from here on should not be interpreted as fact, but instead as a different avenue of thought that will hopefully open your mind and leave you willing to do your own research in the manner. With mythology, especially Greek mythology, little information that exists can be considered fact. Nevertheless, all of this is quite interesting.

The following is a breakdown of the connections between Zeus and Jesus and how the two may be the same deity.

Zeus and Jesus Christ

Jesus is believed by almost all historians to have been an actual person. He was a Jewish preacher and religious leader who used the word of God to teach his disciples the best ways to conduct themselves and lead happy and fruitful lives.

Jesus’ teachings were extremely revolutionary at the time. So much so that he was eventually arrested by those that were closest to him and handed over to the Roman government. He was then persecuted and eventually crucified under Pontius Pilate.

The debate starts after his death. Jesus would go on to become Jesus Christ after he miraculously rose from the dead according to his most devout followers. This miracle was believed to be the basis of Christianity.

Zeus is the god of thunder and the king of all of the Greek gods. Born of Cronos and Rhea, Zeus would go on himself to father several of the main gods of Greek mythology including Aphrodite, Athena, and Hermes, among several others. Living atop Mount Olympus, this supreme ruler would assign roles to each of the other well-known Greek gods. Unlike Jesus, Zeus was almighty from birth and was always seen as omnipotent.

Zeus and Jesus’ Connection

The name Jesus has only existed for around 400 years. This is because before then, the letter J did not exist in the English language. In literature and scripture before the introduction of the letter J, the figure known as Jesus was referred to as Iesus.

Iesus can actually be seen in the Original King James Bible. The name Iesus itself is a modernized and westernized version of Iesous, which literally translates to Hail Zeus.

Before the origination of Christianity, those of the Graeco-Roman persuasion were against any and all Jewish influences. It is believed that when it came time for the rise of Christianity, the Greeks would only accept a new god if he was modeled after the heavily worshipped and already established Zeus.

Originally, the name of the Messiah was pronounced Yeshua or Yehoshua.

The name “Jesus” comes from the transliteration of Yeshua into Greek and then was translated into English.

With this information, it appears that the Greeks did all that they could to remove the Jewish roots of this Son of God and instead made Iesus a reimagining of the already worshipped Zeus.

The Messiah as known in Jewish scripture would in effect be erased at this point as the origin of the modern Jesus. Everything from this point on would be a bolstering and cementing of the relationship between the modern-day Jesus and the Greek deity, Zeus.

This does not discount the original efforts to create a new religion based on the Jewish Yahweh or Jehovah, but it seems that all progress to do so was completely overtaken by Graeco-Roman influences. Jesus translated to Ioesus from Latin actually doesn’t mean anything in Hebrew. The word simply doesn’t exist.

It was believed for centuries that Jesus Christ was of Jewish descent, but actually may be a manifestation of Zeus himself.

Similarities Between Zeus and Jesus Christ

The story of Jesus Christ’s birth was that he was born in a manger located in Israel. Zeus was born in a cave on the island of Crete. Jesus was born in a cave in order to escape Herod, the King of the Jews, who wanted to prevent Christ from possibly usurping him. Zeus was born in a cave in order to hide him from his own father, Cronos, who wanted to eat him to prevent him from possibly usurping him as King of the Gods.

Animals sleeping alongside the newborn baby Jesus offered him their warmth and protection. One of the animals present and constantly by Jesus’ side was a goat. In Greek lore, a goat called Amalthea and an eagle, pigeons, a dog, a pig, and also a swarm of bees stayed by the side of the newborn Zeus and vowed to provide him with nutrients and protection for the next several years.

Jesus was crucified, died, was buried, and rose from the dead as Jesus Christ. Several Cretan myths include that Zeus died each and every year, only to be reborn each time.

At some point, the Jewish Messiah has his name changed to Jesus or “hail Zeus” to honor the Greek king of the gods. Zeus’ birthday was December 25th, and Jesus was given this same day of birth as an honoring of the god of thunder.

Zeus and Jesus as he is known religiously are extraordinarily similar when it comes to facial appearance. Both have long flowing hair and full beards.

The appearance of Jesus as he is accepted today is actually based on Greek ideals. With the technology surrounding anthropological forensics coming to a head in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, experts excavated skulls of men who were alive during the time of Jesus, the man. Their results led to a drastically different image of what Jesus actually looked like.

The forensic result was a dark skinned and brown eyed man with a flattened nose who resembled someone of Middle Eastern descent. This was far from the image that most have of the historically depicted Jesus Christ who adorned blue eyes, flowing locks, and the facial appearance that resembled someone of Greek or Roman descent.

In early Christian churches, statues of Greek gods including Zeus could be found within them. Constant references to the head of Mount Olympus could be seen scattered throughout the backbones of Christianity. It appears that these hints of Zeus’ influence have been here since the beginning of Christianity but were either swept under the rug or simply forgotten.

Key Takeaways from the Connection of Zeus and Jesus Christ

There is no denying that there was indeed a strong push to create a new religion out of the teachings of the Jewish Messiah. At some point though, it appears that the figurehead of the religion was intercepted by the Greeks and Romans and made to be a direct extension of the Greek god, Zeus.

Jesus actually has no translation in terms of the Jewish lexicon. Jesus translates from Greek to literally mean “hail Zeus.” The teachings of Christianity still remain unchanged. All of the morals and principles of the teachings of the Messiah are still practiced to this day.

Unfortunately, it appears that the cornerstone of the religion was hijacked by Graeco-Roman leaders and made in the image of the Thunder god, Zeus. Just because the figurehead of the religion appears to be completely different than what was once accepted, it does not take away the impact that the religion has made on the world.

Those historians most engrained in this early change of the Christian representation of God will tell you that the true Messiah’s name is not Jesus, but actually Yahuwshuwa ha’Mashiyach. This name will never catch on though, as the name Jesus is still cemented in Christianity and will continue to for the rest of time.

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1 year ago

THis idea that Zeus and Jesus are the same mythical “person” is a revelation that I recieved about 5 days ago. I totally believe that the inspiratioin for the Jesus and Zeus myth is the same. These figures are not of this world. THey were not born on this planet. THey were not people so to say. The inspiration came from the now planet Jupiter. The Electric Universe channel on YouTube explains the history of Earth’s birth in a solar system apart from this one. When Jupiter and Saturn were a binary star system, a brown dwarf star system, with gold light and purple haze. The history of our ancient solar system is to long to fully explain here, so it should be researched at the Electric Universe video youtube channel. Saturn was Cronos, Jupiter was Zeus, Mars was Herakles, or Hercules, and the Comet Venus was Aphrodite. The pantheon of Mythical GODS were planets that were very close to Earth. In addition we have Atlas, who lifted the sky, the stairway to heaven, Medusa figures, and Dragons, lots of Dragons and Flying Serpents. There is no modern phenomena to explain Dragons, but there was in the days when the GODS were close to Earth.Glad to find a site that compares Zeus to Jesus. I totally believe it, the link came to me in a flash, a second. But it was one of the most profound lessons I have had.

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