Video: Obama Bullhorns 5 Biden Supporters on Sidewalk

What an asshole. Nobody standing there even cares that it’s Barack babbling into a bullhorn. It might as well be Joe Nobody…~TS

‘Barack Obama has lost his mojo…’


Former President Barack Obama has been reduced to shouting at a smattering of Biden supporters on a street corner.

Obama hit the 2020 campaign trail on Wednesday, attempting to drum up support for his former VP Joe Biden from the Philadelphia community.

In a hilarious clip of one of his speaking events, Obama is seen using a bullhorn to address maybe like a total of five Biden supporters and campaign workers.

“@BarackObama has lost his mojo,” one Twitter user noted.

The moment is a microcosm of Biden’s entire campaign, which to this point has not seen a serious turnout of supporters at events, compared to the enthusiasm seen at President Donald Trump’s rallies. (Biden’s campaign would have the public believe this is due to observing social distancing and proper COVID-19 safety precautions.)

The fact Obama has waited this long into the game to hit the trail for his old buddy – after waiting nearly the entire campaign season to even endorse Biden – hints that Democrats have massive doubts about the former VP’s chances at winning the election.

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