Human Behavior Patterns (The Laws of Probability)

By Joseph “Joe” Panek | A Seeker’s Thoughts

“To understand is to perceive patterns.”
-Isaiah Berlin

There is a Time to analyze and there is a Time to recognize. And though these two processes may sound the same, they are entirely different.

To recognize something is to accept that something for what it, in fact, is. This is the mastery of Truth.

To analyze something is to microscopically question that something to extremes. This simply amuses our ego and gives us “something to talk about”.

When it comes to Human Patterns, or Human Behavior, our addiction for analysis often results in an abandonment of common sense. Analyzing Human Behavior, instead of accepting it for what it is, often blurs our senses to the obvious and unquestionable facts which are staring us in the face.

Isn’t it interesting how we, as human beings, Choose to Perceive Patterns? On one hand, we Choose to recognize some Patterns for what they Truly are. While on the other hand we Choose to analyze other Patterns until we become confused and dizzy.

For example: we know that the sun rises in the east; we know that if we let something slip from our hands it will fall to the ground; and we know that if we plant a petunia Seed it will grow into a petunia flower and not an oak Tree. We understand, and accept these natural Patterns as Truths and facts and we hardly, if ever,ask “Why?”.

However, when it comes to Human Patterns (Human Behavior) we take an entirely different stance or attitude; we automatically look for, and attempt to dissect, the “Why?” of the situation and casually Ignore the fact of the situation.

Why is this so? Why do we accept nature’s Patterns for what they are yet refuse to accept Human Behavior Patterns for what they are …a Pattern?

Since our earliest childhood society, and all of its factions, groups, and organizations, has Instructed us to recognize things for what they are.

Yet this same society has, on the other hand, Indoctrinated us to give people the “benefit of doubt”, at the expense of Truth, when it comes to their Behavior Patterns.

We have been trained, mostly through Guilt, to Forgive and forget when we should be taught to be Aware and understand. For Awareness and understanding are our most reliable allies.

A person’s past is a testimonial to their future. If a person is a liar or a thief, this is what they are. There is no “sugar coating” of these facts. Yet, how many of us blindly give these individuals the “benefit of a doubt” only to rue our Decision and cry out “Why?”.

We then get together with our like-minded groups and exhaust ourselves attempting to analyze why this person lied to us, or why this person has stolen from us. Yet no matter how deeply we analyze an individual’s Behavior Pattern we can never come to the real answer of “Why” that person did what they did. For each person’s subjective motives are as different and varied as there are people on this planet.

Therefore, those of us who analyze behavior instead of recognizing Patterns, and those of us who give the “benefit of doubt” instead of accepting obvious Truths, suffer repeatedly for our blind Ignorance.

And for those of us who continually embrace illusion at the expense of Truth we regretfully, and constantly, find ourselves wailing out “poor me”.

Before we allow some person or entity access into our lives, or into the lives of our family, it is critical that we see these persons or entities for what they Truly are, and not for what we “think they should be”.

Behavior Patterns of people, whether as individuals or as groups, remains very constant. It is our Sovereign responsibility to be Aware of an individual’s obvious Behavior Pattern, which represents a high probability of how that person will behave, and not simply give someone a capricious “benefit of a doubt”, which is a low probability of how that person will behave.

To do otherwise is to toss aside the Laws of Probability which govern the behavior of all Patterns, Cycles, persons, and things which occupy the physical realm.

To Ignore Human Behavior Patterns, along with the Laws of Probability associated with these Patterns, is to subject ourselves to a lifetime of continual victimization. And if we Honestly look at the personal tragedies of our Past, we are likely to discover that they are the result of the people we allow into our lives and the obvious Behavior Patterns we Choose to Ignore.

For, in the end, whether we Choose to accept this fact or not, a Pattern is a Pattern is a Pattern.

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