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Hawaii’s Governor David Ige’s emergency order to limit occupancy in Restaurants and bars to 50% or less was merely a popular stepping stone amongst the Democratic party to impose a slippery slope of tyrannical control. The emergency mandates have caused nearly 1,200 members from Hawaii’s first responders’ unions to sue the state over unconstitutional COVID-19 vaccination mandates.

Gov. David Ige as well as four county mayors developed a unified statewide plan so hastily that the unions were not given the chance to collectively bargain before the order was issued. The case in Hawaii spotlights how first responder’s First, the Fourth, the Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights have been violated.

But at the heart of the findings is the claim that 45,000 people that have received the vaccines have died within 72 hours of taking them. Hawaii’s overreach may prove fatal to the totalitarian Vaccine movement. As the facts will serve as a double edged sword.

Tyrannical Hawaii government has so far made four arrests of visitors supposedly using fake Covid vaccine docs.

By Infowars

Several tourists visiting the island of Hawaii have been arrested for reportedly having fake vaccination cards.

Floridians Daniela and Enzo Dalmazzo were both arrested last week in Honolulu on charges of possessing forged vaccination documents.

Daniela was additionally charged for falsifying vaccine documents for her two children, ages four and five.

KHON2 reports the punishment for falsifying a vaccine card is a fine of up to $5,000 and up to one year in jail.

“Public records show Enzo Dalmazzo was cited for $2,000, while Daniela Dalmazzo received a $6,000 citation for submitting fake vaccination cards for herself and two children under the age of 12,” according to Honolulu Civil Beat.

The incarcerations come on the heels of Hawaii’s first two fake vaccine card arrests earlier this month, after a father and son from California were busted for supposedly using phony Covid-19 passports to travel to the US state.

Norbert Chung, 57, and his son Trevor Chung, 19, were arrested at Daniel K. Inouye Airport in Honolulu for allegedly violating the state’s Safe Travels program after feds received a “tip from a community member.”

“The attorney for the Chung’s said after the pair was arrested, they flew back to California, were tested for COVID-19, tested negative and then flew back to Oahu where they are now going through the court system,” KHON2.com reported.

Discussing the Chungs’ arrests and alleged forgeries, special agent of criminal investigations for the Department of Attorney General Arthur Logan acknowledged the expensive cost of the cancelled trips.

“To come to Hawaii and spend thousands of dollars on a trip and hotel and airfare and the money you’re going to spend to enjoy paradise, you’re going to risk that and spend even more money, because you put yourself, your family and others in jeopardy by trying to falsify documents to come and enjoy paradise,” Logan stated.

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