A quick heads up regarding comments

I’ve mentioned this before but I will mention it again. If you don’t like the content on my site and feel that what I post here is “rubbish” or “disinformation” and feel the need to tell me that in your comments…don’t….and please get the fuck off my site. I’m not posting your comments. It takes you far more time to type out a bunch of whining prattling bullshit then it does for me to delete your comment. Here’s the deal, I’m not debating shit with people. I’m way past the point of trying to awaken morons who want to remain willfully ignorant. You don’t get it, you’ll never get it, you’re a waste of time. This site is for the people that get it or at least have an open mind.

What is funny is I have people who think what I post here is garbage, yet they keep coming back. Maybe deep down they know society is headed in the wrong direction but they’re in denial so they lash out at the messenger. Oh, and for the stooges that keep leaving comments trying to push the mainstream vaccine narrative or derail my comments section I will continue to trash your shit as well. You think this is amateur hour and I can’t tell what your agenda is?

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