Something Went Wrong: For All Talk of Green Transition, Oil Prices Keep Growing

By Marco Rocco | Strategic Culture

Before the great transition of minds happens, it seems there will be one last war for black gold, Marco Rocco writes.

Facts are clear: electric cars, at these prices, are much more costly than a diesel cars, cost per kilometre. And without taking into account the increase in electricity prices occurred in the last 3 months, yet to be translated into updated electricity bills and related energy price lists.

Plus the cost of infrastructure, huge, to be built to implement electric mobility. Andwithout taking into account the difficult usability of electric car by virtue of the long charging times, weight of the batteries and planned obsolescence of the same, by physics. And limited autonomy (…).

The situation is clear: in terms of costs per kilometer, at these prices of electricity, gas, CO2 (compared to the thermal engine), the electric car is doomed.

This finding is likely to collapse the castle of lies, especially economic ones, on which stands what still remains of credible in the EU, post-subprime crisis (cfr. the true epitaph of the old capitalist world in terms of reaching its debt limits).

So, either the EU says to its citizens: you have to pay twice the cost per kilometer to get around, thus declaring that the thermal car – with diesel – costs half as much. Or, oil and its derivatives must go straight up in price.

If oil is not getting much more expansive soon, the green deal will fail, the EU plans will fail; and, first of all, Italy will fail. And therefore the Euro, or rather the globalist world plan, will be derailed.

Therefore, it seems easy to derive that, from now on, the EU will become warmonger, due to its own interests. Pro-oil rise. That is, EU will subtly sponsor an “old fashion” conflict, for the black gold (…).

With these metrics, it might be possible to understand the recent attempted coup, on the eve of the Orthodox Christmas,in Kazakhstan, a key energy producersat the border between Western and Eastern world. An element that, in the end, we believe will lead to a kind of green light for a conflict in the Middle East.

In regard to this, Berlin might be ready to sacrifice – just the case – the Aryan ally of 100 years, Persia: the EU and its elites will thus be able to justify economically the “poor Green Deal”, to survive themselves.

We know, Germans have no friends nor enemies forever, this mantra was in fact only inherited from the USA, with H. Kissinger (who is German by birth, childhood and youth). But above all they lack Christian pietas, a concept well summarized in the analysis made by Hitler in Mein Kampf, where he identified the Christian church, or rather the Christian-Catholic religion above all, as the greatest obstacle to his plans of hegemony first of Europe and then of the world.

That is, being in search of a “new world”, ruled by “super men”: Hitler Neuorderung should have absorbed, in Hegelian terms, the values and methods of the Church.

To bend them to an end, precisely, that is Hegelian and not Christian.

Here we are! After almost 80 years since the end of the last world war, we can do a little math, in regard to an epic change of our lifestyle.

Only to find out that, easily, in a few weeks, verified the sums, net of subsidies for the “green transition”, at these prices the electric car has costs per kilometer more than twice as much as a diesel car!

And, note well, not to mention that the electric infrastructure to be built is huge and time consuming. Huge amount of capital involved….

Similarly, with such transition into electric, there would be a lack of electricity production for traditional consumption, causing prices to explode for at least the next five years (even if a possible reduction in consumption, or consumers, in the EU, might be in progress).

By now, as we understand, Germany and France, together, are pushing for a new kind of nuclear generation as a substitute for oil and its derivatives, given that oil remains in Anglo hands since Yalta. So, with Chinese complicity, they dream the changeover to a society that uses a newer energy technology, as a viaticum to emancipate from the U.S. dominus (…).

The problem is that, as you can see, the reality seems not to go exactly as expected by the post-Hegelian intelligentsia…

So, given a deadly economic crisis in EU, daughter of COVID but not only, as a conclusion we derive that oil must dramatically rise in price in order to save EU Green Deal, the euro and therefore the EU.

Ironically, EU seems to need a war for oil (in many ways COVID has been very useful to hide the economic debacle of a continent without resources, old as population and hyper-indebted, as well as slave to the consumption of others for the sale of their goods, ed.).

This implies a tragic shift, at least bearing in mind the preambles of the Rome Treaty: at present, EU that seems more and more the heir of the DDR, in terms of freedom “allowed” to its own population, being forced to act to the extreme of its innate cynicism.

That is, EU is aiming at a socio-economic shift, in its Lebensraum, even if this might not be justifiable according to the capitalistic/democratic principles of Adam Smith, the soul of capitalism, I would say the founding element of human sociological behaviour for at least 2000 years.

Such shift seems to go far beyond past metrics. After all, the Superman, first narrated by the German philosophers and only taken up by Nazism, represented a society – the German one – ready since a long time for such a changeover, that is firstly existential.

Exactly, the elite of Supermen in charge.

Tragically, we might be living today, post COVID, the very same Nazi objectives. Together with the control of the masses, a tendency that we can consider a kind of Pavlonian act beyond Gotthard, I would say.

In this context, what is happening in front of us might be a kind of Great Reset, aimed precisely at the New World Order (Neuorderung).

All in all, we are probably at the formalization of the End of History, the real one, as Francis Fukuyama predicted (not having declared where the “new coming” was hiding, I mean the new history, since no one comes to think that history ends, it passes simply to the “next phase”).

But before all this happens – the great transition of minds – it seems there will be one last war for black gold.

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sojourner cas
sojourner cas
1 year ago

Thomas Hans Werner Peter Wolfgang Dinglestadt Ogle, an youthful inventor of German descent, had noticed one day that when he punctured a hole in a lawn mower gas tank, the mower kept running off of the gasoline vapors for quite a while after he connected a line from the tank directly to the carburetor. Ogle theorized that he could use this principle to create a device that, instead of preparing a fuel/air mixture for the engine to burn, would make it so that the engine burned the gasoline vapors. Ogle created such a device and mounted it inside of a 1970 Ford Galaxie. The inventor notified the press that he was going to travel from El Paso, Texas to Deming, New Mexico on no more than two gallons of gas; this was a trip of over 200 miles! Reporters inspected the car for hidden tanks or hoses, and none were found. Prior to going public with his device, Ogle had previously gone taken a trip of about 280 miles in a similarly-equipped 1972 Thunderbird, also with only two miles of gas. Ogle went on to fit several other cars with his device.

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