Retired US Army Cononel tells the truth and says Volodymyr Zelenskyy is a Puppet

Bingo. What the colonel says is true. The stories coming from the mainstream media about Ukraine is bullshit, so is the footage. The elites are trying to cripple the Russian and US economy. The great reset folks…~TS

The Jimmy Dore Show

In a recent appearance on the Fox Business Channel, retired US Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor told incredulous host Stuart Varney that Ukraine has little hope of defeating Russia on the battlefield, and the only reason that Ukrainian President Zelensky insists on continuing is because his NATO puppet-masters are demanding that the fight continue.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté ( discuss Zelensky’s precarious position trying to represent the Ukrainian people’s interests while also appeasing the NATO allies who want Ukraine to keep fighting and the neo-Nazi militias that ahve threatened to assassinate him if he negotiates with Russia.

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