Uvalde School Shooting HOAX?

You have to be careful with stuff like this because there will be a real shooting or event and the establishment will have their plants in the alt-media claim it’s fake with the intent to de-platform people who jump on the bandwagon. Or a regular Joe Schmoe creates a video claiming it’s fake and other researchers in the alt-media latch onto the idea and promote it and get their social media accounts and/or website deleted…or they can potentially be dragged into court. A lot of websites that posted content questioning Sandy Hook or other shootings went bye bye several years ago. So the event itself may not have been the psyop but claiming it was fake can be the psyop and can be used as a mechanism to discredit people and for increased censorship. They can also have a real shooting and mix in crisis actors as witnesses among the real witnesses to muddy the waters, like they did, in my opinion, with the Vegas shooting. It can be a totally staged event where nobody died, a false flag where people died, or a genuine organic event in which people died. Bottom line, I wasn’t there, I don’t know. But real or fake, when it comes to school shootings and questioning the official narrative it can get quite dicey. I’m always careful with this stuff and I always place it under “alternative theories”…~TS

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Arabella L
Arabella L
13 days ago

From I have learned it was a CIA created event for gun control. Police were ordered to stand down just like in the riots few summers back. Why? To push the NWO agenda forward.

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