Dugin’s Daughter’s Death: Payback Time?

By Declan Hayes | Strategic Culture

NATO’s assassination of Darya Dugina on the outskirts of Moscow cannot go uncommented upon as this latest NATO crime opens yet another Pandora’s Box that would have been best kept shut.

NATO’s assassination of Darya Dugina on the outskirts of Moscow cannot go uncommented upon as this latest NATO crime opens yet another Pandora’s Box that would have been best kept shut. As with NATO’s attacks on Crimea, Dugina’s murder opens another front that Russia is now entitled to respond to with interest.

Darya Dugina, like Alexander, her better known father, was a non combatant, playing no role good, bad or indifferent in the Ukrainian, Syrian or other conflicts NATO is now waging to poke at Russia. If NATO has decreed that such non combatants are fair game, then NATO apologists should also take fair note, lest those they libel regard them as fair game too.

There can be no doubt that Dugina’s assassination, like recent terrorist attacks in Crimea, is a NATO sanctioned hit done, in all probability, with the use of Mossad operatives, who have considerable expertise in such matters “behind enemy lines”. The only other possible suspects, Ukrainian special forces or Russian dissidents, could not pull off such a hit without the full logistical and other support of their NATO paymasters.

One need only review the SAS’s April 1974 bombings of Monaghan and Dublin, the biggest atrocities of the so called Irish Troubles,where the victims included my apolitical class mates, to see the veracity of that. Although the perpetrators were supposedly the Glenanne Gang, an SAS led Protestant murder gang, there is no way those thugs could have pulled off such a ‘spectacular’ without the help of their SAS controllers.

As in Ireland, so also in Russia. Alexander Dugin has long been one of NATO’s key bogeymen and one NATO journalists have tried to use to smear others, me included, who had the most marginal associations with Dugin’s associates. The logic for those crass smears is to say that, as Alexander Dugin is, in their eyes, a Putin apologist, a Nazi, a Tzarist imperialist and an occultist and is, according to the Nazi worshipping Daily Mail newspaper, “Putin’s Rasputin“, that Darya Dugina deserved to be blown into a thousand pieces in front of him.

Although those of us with experience in Syria have been down this road far too many times to record here, two such instances will suffice. When a NATO suicide bomber blew up Mohammed Said Ramadan Al-Bouti, one of the world’s leading Muslim scholars, along with more than 40 of his devotees at Damascus’ Al-Iman mosque on 21 March 2013, NATO, led by their deranged fanatics in the BBC, tried to pin the blame on “Assad”, just as they now try to link “Putin” with Dugina’s murder, in an attempt to deflect from their own blatant culpability. Al-Bouti’s mortal remains have a place of honor right beside those of Saladin (who slaughtered Alawites in Aleppo after he saw off the Crusaders), in the Ummayad Mosque, the Great Mosque of Damascus. NATO murdered Al-Bouti for the crassest of sectarian reasons, to set Syrian against Syrian and for no other reason. The only role their proxies had is to deflect from the NATO organ grinder to their Muslim Brotherhood monkeys and thence to “Assad”.

This is even more apparent in the case of Irish resident Eyad Sha’ar, the brother of Yasser Sha’ar, who perpetrated the 2002 Moscow theater hostage crisis that cost over 100 innocent Russian lives. The Irish Mail on Sunday’s September 17th 2017 edition gave a two page spread on how the Irish government had not only ignored my specific warnings about these Irish based criminals but had facilitated these savages in perpetrating the Irish led al Rashideen bus bombing massacre of over 120 Syian Shia children, who were lured into a Hansel and Gretel type trap with promises of bars of chocolate, soda pop and the like, before being blown to smithereens. My subsequent efforts and those in the Irish Parliament of MEPs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace to highlight this stomach churning war crime, were frustrated at every turn by MI5 and Mossad agents in Dublin, London and Damascus.

And it is through such experiences I read the Daily Mail’s boasts about murdering Darya Dugina, “the daughter of Vladimir Putin’s so-called ‘Rasputin’ – one of the architects of the Russian tyrant’s war in Ukraine”, of “Darya Dugin, a sanctioned Russian nationalist whose father Alexander Dugin, 60, is a notorious fascist dubbed ‘Putin’s brain’” and more and ever more of the same dirge about “[Alexander] Dugin, a far-Right occult writer”.

Let’s, yet again, put some of that self serving exculpatory nonsense about Alexander Dugin to bed for the self serving NATO propaganda that it is. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was a NATO inspired cultural implosion that reduced Russian male life expectancy to sub Sahara African levels and that saw Russian teachers paid, if they were lucky enough to get paid, in heads of cabbage and bottles of vodka.

Because Putin and those around him reversed all of that, Russian history will be kind to him, irrespective of whether [Alexander] Dugin is the reincarnation of Rasputin or whether Putin is Tzar Nicholas 11, Tzar Alexander 1, Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great or Catherine the Great (the founder of Odessa) returned from the grave to save Russia from NATO’s clutches.

And what then of the views of Alexander Dugin, which NATO are using to justify murdering his daughter? First off, many of his views, such as a Russian dominated continent from Dublin to Vladivostok, are not only impractical but Putin has summarily dismissed it as the rubbish that it is. Secondly, he is, as already alluded to, correct to say that NATO have swarms of agents and infiltrators at work from Dublin to Vladisvostok and, as earlier explained, I am convinced that some of them, working on orders from London, have murdered his daughter.

And what then of his relationship with Putin or with those practical people who call the shots in the Kremlin? Although they might give Dugin and those like him a hearing, they have to make hard decisions based on facts, on probabilities, on cause and on effect. If a philosopher can help stabilize Russia, fair enough, but if he only wants to warble, they must pass him by unless there is a king and king maker relationship, like there famously was with Nixon and Kissinger.

Although the king often dies and the king makers live to mould the next lightning rod anew, that is not what is happening in Moscow, which has to assess, on a cost benefit basis, the crimes of NATO in Syria, in Odessa, in Beslan and in Moscow itself against innocent Syrans and Russians, like Darya Dugina, who joins that long list of Russians martyred in Beslan, Borodino, Kursk, Poltava and Donbas’ Alley of Angels on the altars of piece.

The Daily Mail, in between taking a break from telling us what NATO’s D listers are up to, can smirk all they like about NATO’s murder of yet another innocent Russian but, sooner or later, that smug smile is going to be washed forever from their faces because Russia, China and countries allied to them are getting increasingly wise to their wiles and are determined that NATO’s crimes in Libya and Iraq will no longer be visited upon them.

As regards the Dugin family, the Bible’s best verses tell us that there is a time for every purpose under heaven, “a time to be born, a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;.a time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace”. May Russia, China, Syria and countries allied to them enjoy that peace which Darya Dugina and so many other Russians have sacrificed their lives for, and may her family find solace in their friends and in their faith.

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