The Creepiest Sounding Weapon of WW2 – Stalin’s Organ

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The stage was set, and the wintry Russian landscapes awaited the arrival of almost four million Axis soldiers, 600,000 motor vehicles, and over 600,000 horses marching towards Moscow. The Soviets were utterly unprepared for what would become the largest invasion in warfare history.

As the curtains drew open for the Eastern Theater of World War 2, the Soviets would be shoved back to the very gates of Moscow. Still, in an unexpected plot twist, the colossal invasion would be halted by the cold winter months, Germany’s shattered supply lines, and the sheer determination of the Soviet troops.

Outside of the Soviet capital, the drama would unfold before the sound of a dreadful orchestra like the world had never heard or seen. It was the so-called Stalin’s organ, a massive rocket artillery system that launched dozens of rockets in a brief time, raining destruction upon vast areas.

The weapon emitted imposing howling sounds as it fired, scaring the enemy to its core and even sending soldiers running in a panic as they heard the ominous lament spreading through the frozen Russian wastelands, proving a decisive factor in the outcome of the war…

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