16 Haunting & Disturbing Images & Stories…

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Some photographs are horrific right from the first look, but others can seem perfectly normal until you realise the story of how or why they were made. Here are 16 haunting and disturbing images.

0:00 Introduction
2:18 The Last Photo of Jolee Callan
3:33 Ted Bundy Playing with the Neighbours Kids
4:55 Kim Wall
6:18 Four Children for Sale – Enquire Within
8:03 Sophie Lionnet
9:43 The Kiss of Death
11:09 Jason Moss & John Wayne Gacy
12:51 Falyron Delta Necropolis
14:24 Near Miss
15:32 Omayra Sanchez
16:34 Smaller Than a Teacup
17:53 The Mengele Experiments
19:11 Fire Escape Collapse
20:21 The Body in the Suitcase
21:39 Jayne Mansfield Car Crash
22:39 The Vulture and the Little Girl

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