The Trial That Will Destroy Your Free Speech

Jon Bowne

As our culture is bombarded with hoaxes backed up by a mainstream media propaganda machine racing towards totalitarianism.

Infowars, no stranger to the left’s Marxist New World Order smear tactics has long endured accusations that have been retracted. The Anti Defamation League has ironically defamed Alex Jones for years.

Alex Jones and Infowars merely questioned the Sandy Hook narrative. Asking questions about anomalies in that narrative. It was the Mainstream media that not only buried those relevant questions, but then defamed Alex Jones for asking them.

The question remains? How is it that these very show trials based on charges of defamation are allowed to in turn defame and endanger Infowars in real time? Where is our due process? The Plaintiff is now asking for the ludicrous amount of half a billion dollars in damages. And once awarded this will create a Statute that will be used to destroy anyone asking questions that threaten the Great Reset driven narrative. Opening the door to a tyranny on a scale never witnessed before in human history. Our only hope, once this reaches the Supreme Court Of the United States. They won’t just lose….they will all be disbarred. It happens all of the time.

Currently this is your government. A Global construct manipulating A 109 year old multinational Federal Reserve faux justice network. Chock full with operatives openly bought off by the Soros family fronting a criminal organization that has reached its zenith.

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