Canadian Bank Launches Credit Card Linked to Carbon Emissions

Here you go. Complete bullshit and it has nothing to do with the climate…

Everyone would be issued with a ‘carbon allowance card’ “that would entail all adults receiving an equal tradable carbon allowance that reduces over time in line with national [carbon] targets.”

Technocrats move towards carbon allowance credits.

By Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars

A bank in Canada has become the first in the country to launch a credit card that tracks a customer’s carbon emissions, amid concerns that such a scheme could one day be used to restrict purchases.

In an effort by the credit union to display its commitment to ‘climate action’, Vancity will offer a credit card that links purchases to carbon emissions, allowing customers to compare their monthly carbon footprint to the national average.

The bank will also advise customers on how to limit their carbon footprint.

“We know many Vancity members are looking for ways to reduce the impact they have on the environment, particularly when it comes to the emissions that cause climate change,” said Jonathan Fowlie, Vancity’s Chief External Relations Officer.

“As a member-owned financial cooperative, we believe it is our job to do everything we can to help, especially when it comes to the decisions people make with their money. This tool will equip Vancity Visa credit cardholders with valuable information on their purchases and enable them to connect their daily spending decisions to the change they want to see in the world.”

According to research carried out by Visa, more than 50% of Canadians are interested in monitoring their carbon footprint.

As we previously highlighted, back in October, Australia’s Commonwealth Bank (CBA) also announced a similar scheme, giving the customer the option to “pay a fee” to offset their carbon footprint, with the average listed as 1,280 kilograms, a long way from the ‘sustainable’ figure of 200 kilograms.

Allied with climate lockdowns, technocrats want to exploit hysteria over climate change to increase financial control over individuals.

Such a proposal was presented in the science journal Nature by four environmental “experts” as a means of reducing global carbon emissions.

Everyone would be issued with a ‘carbon allowance card’ “that would entail all adults receiving an equal tradable carbon allowance that reduces over time in line with national [carbon] targets.”

The authors make it clear that the program would be a “national mandatory policy.”

Carbon units would be “deducted from the personal budget with every payment of transport fuel, home-heating fuels and electricity bills,” and anyone going over the limit would be forced to purchase additional units in the personal carbon market from those with excess to sell.”

This would naturally only negatively impact poorer people, with the rich able to buy carbon credits in abundance and still enjoy their lavish, environmentally unfriendly opulent lifestyles.

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10 months ago

The High Priest of Mother Gaia are selling indulgences. They’ll let you pollute and pay a penalty to make you feel virtuous by a small fine that will undo some of your carbon footprint. Meanwhile they globe trot around in private jets, live in huge estates and their corporations have a leviathan carbon footprint vs the average middle class American.
All this coupled with green initiatives like electric cars that tax the aging power grid. Fossil fuels like coal and natural gas provide way more mega Watts to the grid than solar, wind or hydro. Plus the mining for rare earth minerals to manufacture the batteries for the limited range electric cars. These policies are probably do way more damage to the environment than gasoline or diesel. Add the agricultural policies to all this and the end game is to destroy and starve the middle class and have a two tiered society. Us and them.
Another virtue signalling religious zeal, another bankster scheme to usher in their one world government.
The pathetic lack of discernment by the American people angers me almost as much as they do.
Dictators are never going to teach you how to spot them, resist them or overthrow them. That’s why they have a tentacle or two in “education” as well.

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