Elon Musk Keeps Alex Jones’ Twitter Ban In Most Disgusting Way

Alex Jones wasn’t booted off social media because of his opinions about Sandy Hook. He was booted off social media for fucking with Hillary Clinton and her run for office in 2016. They’re using Sandy Hook as a cover story now. As I said in some other comment I think it was a blessing for him that he got booted because he got some of his edge back now that he has his banned.video. The establishment doesn’t like that he has own platform hence the lawsuits. I’m not a huge Alex Jones fan but he has a right to free speech and he has been correct about a lot of things over the years…~TS

The Jimmy Dore Show

Despite restoring former President Donald Trump to Twitter, Elon Musk says he won’t be allowing InfoWars host Alex Jones back on the platform. His reasoning? He lost a child and as a result refuses to do any favors for anyone who’s done harm to children – which apparently is Musk’s assessment of Jones’ treatment of the Sandy Hook families. So clearly Musk’s promise to bring free speech back to Twitter only applies when he has no personal stake in the matter.

Jimmy and his panel of Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger and viral videographer Matt Orfalea discuss alternate explanations for why Musk would allow Trump to return but not Alex Jones.

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