Balenciaga Blown Wide Open as Public Awakens to Elites’ Pedophile Agenda

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2 months ago

I thank freethinking alternative news sites and authors such as this one for exposing what’s being going on for a very long time.
Jimmy Saville in the U.K. appears to have had pedophile ring for the highly connected with media running cover for years right up to his death.
Ted Gundersen brightened up the Franklin Cover Up here in the states and it’s ties to the connected elites here.
Most recently the Epstein thing which was trans Atlantic and a kind of Pedophilia without borders. Mostly underaged girls handpicked like produce.
Prosecution of lawmaker lawbreakers and their stooges in finance, media and entertainment is almost impossible in many cases.
Never has there been a time in America’s history that has been more dangerous for children. It used to be local creepers or family members as the culprit. Politicians have always been slimy and many were closet perverts but they left the kids alone. But with the ever expanding power of government comes more and more criminal behavior by the Deepest state. Proof of these crimes too is problematic. He said vs. she/he said. And some academians are now trying to normalize this behavior in addition to all of this.
Keep your friends close and our leaders closer should be the new Bartlett’s quotation. The all seeing eye needs to be on them not angry parents at a school board meeting.

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