Kanye & Alex Jones: Clowns Mugging for Attention

I purposely didn’t post the Kanye West/Alex Jones interview. It was ridiculous and he was trolling Jones. People, come on, wake up, Kanye West was married to Kim Kardashian from 2014 – 2022. The Kardashian family is part of the dark side of the entertainment industry. You don’t marry into that family and stay married to Kim for eight years by being a bible carrying Christian. What a bunch of bullshit…~TS

The David Knight Show

Alex believes there’s no such thing as bad publicity or a bad celebrity billionaire, so he brings back the StopTheSteal crew along with Kanye. The two of them have more in common with George Soros than they realize.

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1 month ago

Yes to that ! And both Ye and Kim like to pose for pics with eye one covered up for the all seeing eye illuminati pose.
And the absolute absurdity most reality shows is part of the dumbing down of society. A bunch of brain dead bimbos bleaping and bitching about not being the prima donna when they think they should. Teaching tween girls to be self centered mindless sluts.
Santa Klause’s (the WEF one) little helpers they are whether they admit it or not.

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