Luciferianism. How the rulers see the world

O.K. so this tough guy is very direct which I appreciate. This is the dark occultist ideology, this is the general way they think although I don’t agree with everything he said. Also keep in mind there’s the theory that they may not be 100% human or they may be working with non-human entities. I don’t scoff at that notion.

Regardless of what he says in the video, every person is unique, every person has a soul and we share a connected consciousness even if they don’t want you to believe that.

Natural law is always in effect and it applies to them as well, nobody escapes it, and they know that which is why they announce, sometimes cryptically, what they’re going to do. If you comply it’s considered acceptance and it takes some of the karmic heat off them.

I suggest you become acquainted with the 7 Hermetic Principles..~TS

The Seven Hermetic Principles

Journey of Manhood

In this video we continue our conversation about modern science and the reason it has become the one universal religion of the world. Now we go deeper and cover the way its ruling Mind sees the world we live in. Indeed, very few people truly understand this Luciferian religion – and even fewer can apprehend how it’s become the true god of our world regardless what religions adherents believe they worship. As long as you don’t understand study the Mind, you cannot truly make sense of anything.

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