California Bill To Punish Doctors For ‘False’ Covid-19 Information Goes Into Effect

By Zero Hedge

A bill which allows the state of California to punish doctors over ‘false information about Covid-19 vaccinations and treatments’ went into effect on January 1st.

Under the new law (AB 2098) which took effect Jan.1, the state’s Medical Board would categorize dispensing information – such as the effectiveness of Ivermectin, or the Covid-19 vaccine’s rapidly waning efficacy, as unprofessional conduct.

The law was challenged in court by two California doctors, who said that it would restrict their free speech in violation of the first amendment, and that it was “vague” under the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution.

However on December 28th, Biden Nominee Judge Fred Slaughter refused to halt the law, ruling that the law trumps free speech claims, and that it falls “within the longstanding tradition of regulations on the practice of medical treatments.”

Another lawsuit, brought by Physicians for Informed Consent, was filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of California in early December. The plaintiffs, physician LeTrinh Hoang and Children’s Health Defense, are being represented by Rick Jaffe, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Mary Holland, and argues that the state of California has weaponized the vague phrase “misinformation,” and thereby has illegally targeted physicians who disagree with the government’s public stance on Covid-19.

Expert cardiologist and PIC member Sanjay Verma, M.D., has been tracking and cataloging CDC errors in real time. For the case, he has provided what he calls “a detailed declaration exposing the government’s scientific errors and the constitutional dangers of censoring dissent”:

“To demonstrate these points of vagueness and the general unsuitability of using ‘contemporary scientific consensus’ as a disciplinary criterion, I have prepared a detailed overview of public health response to the pandemic broken down into categories such as Masks and Vaccines (transmission, safety, efficacy of natural immunity). I have also included evidence of what [I testify] would be considered misinformation promulgated by the CDC as well as its withholding of information which led to the then ‘contemporary scientific consensus’ eventually being proven wrong.” –KRON4

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25 days ago

Disturbing. Many other Blue states adopt California’s legislation verbatim allowing them to blaze the legal trail for other states as well.
If someone’s views or opinions are so infallible and perfect then why are they so afraid of opposing views ? To the point of losing medical licenses and even imprisonment. What about Doctor shortages ? Medical refugees fleeing the state ?
We saw pro vax doctors refusing to treat patients during the height of the COVID “pandemic”.
What if vaccine dissenting doctors refused to treat vaccine demanding elitist ? I wonder how that would work ? Can the state force you to render service to someone in a non emergency situation ? Why would one want to be under the care of a doctor who is silenced or intimidated into compassionate care ? No different than forcing a baker to bake you a cake.
New Jersey is now trying to educate K thru 12 kids on the topic of “misinformation” My place of employment tried to “educate” us on disinformation. It was a list of who to believe rather than who not to believe. The old guard media ABC, NBC, CNN and New York Times or “Peer reviewed” information from state universities funded by big pharma.
We have state media here even though we accuse other countries of doing it. When someone tells me “Well I’ve never heard of that.” It would seem like basic human curiosity would lead them to ask themselves why.
California has rejected businesses from my home state, publicly lambasted it over political issues and tattle taled to the United Nations over human rights charters etc.
I wish California would finish destroying their state and be done with it.
Loosing half their doctors will hasten it.

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