CBDC System On The Verge Of Total Control

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We are being herded like cattle into a digital depopulation pen. The World Economic Forum’s end goal is reaching completion. All individual freedom to control your own life will be relegated to the centralized system metered out by CBDCs. We can act now, but mankind is distracted with propaganda and bread and circuses. Before long, we will wake up like rats in a cage if the madness of corruption and power isn’t confronted head on.

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14 days ago

“Go Ahead ..f*ck around and find out.”

These clowns NEVER learn a damn thing from history.
Same BS for 6000 years now…
this is just the same idea packaged with new fancy and more coercive wrapping paper, and a big ribbon marked “convenience”..but inside is the same pile of excrement.

But let them go right ahead..because the sooner they pull that trigger the sooner they are out of power.

During the Canadian trucker strike Trudeau tried to pull this kind of stunt, freezing bank accounts of protestors and guess what happened?

It nearly crashed the economy with runs on the banks.

The reasonably wealthy will be the first ones to pull their money out.
IF the globalist want to see a crash where they have Mad Max on the loose and they are running for their lives..let em go ahead! “F*ck around and find out”
and while they’re are at it, pull my other finger too.

-the views above are courtesy of my husband

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