The Tavistock Institute: Destroying The World One Lie At A Time

Societal manipulation doesn’t mean everything is fake. Keep that in mind. Some trends can be fabricated and others can be organic and steered in a desired direction or squashed out completely. Same goes with artists in the entertainment industry. There’s real talent out there but some artists sell out and are “intiated” into the dark cult that runs the higher levels of Hollywood and the record industry. They die a “SYMBOLIC” death and are reborn as initiates. Spiritual death and rebirth. Spiritual reincarnation if you will. This an ancient occult concept and part of many mystery traditions as is death and creation of thought, etc.. It doesn’t mean somebody physically died and there’s a doppelganger running around. This is why you see some artists who seem to change their entire appearance and persona which represents the metamorphosis from their old self to their new self, and they quickly reach higher levels of popularity, but at a heavy price. That’s not to say every single celebrity who mixes things up and dresses differently or gets a new haircut is part of the club. Also keep in mind, some performers will play a character while on stage and be totally different off stage. That doesn’t mean they’re possessed by a demon, it’s called acting, or being a showman. I have posted several articles about artists who’ve sold out…~TS

We live in a world where an ever-increasing gulf separates reality and one’s experience of it. The masters of perception wield their powers over the unwitting masses.

The average person believes their opinions, worldviews, and choices are their own, however, how many of our positions are in fact genuine? Devoid of manipulation?

Could it be possible that we are failing to see the hidden hands of manipulation guiding our every action?

Well, tonight we are going to see how far this goes…

In regard to, behavior modification, social engineering, and manufacturing narratives, there’s no better place to start…than with The Tavistock Institute.

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