The Weapons System That Can KILL Those Who Have Been Injected

I’m getting tired of posting articles and videos about 5G and Covid vaccines so I will probably switch things up a bit. I’m tired of talking heads. I don’t want to turn my site into a conspiratainment fear porn blog where everything is about 5G, covid vaccines and death, there’s enough blogs and podcasts like that already. And most of those podcasts get traffic by pushing fear porn and get money via ads or sponsorships. It’s a business model.

I’ve posted a load of shit about this stuff as is. If you don’t get it by now that’s your problem. If you take the shot that’s on you…~TS

Maria Zeee

Mark Steele is a weapons expert who has previously worked on projects for the Ministry of Defence, specialising in directional weapons systems, electromagnetic radiation weapons, direct energy weapons, EMP’s, weather modification weapons and more.

He joins us to discuss the dangers of 5G – a weapons system that has been designed to kill and WILL interact with the technology that has been injected into people through the COVID-19 injections.

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