“Covidians” Begin Backpedaling On COVID Propaganda THEY PUSHED

I’m still not convinced the strain sars-cov-2 that is known as Covid-19 even exists. I really do think they just relabeled the flu to force the clot shots. I think the vaccine is the real bioweapon. I can’t prove it, it’s just my working theory and has been for two years…~TS

The Jimmy Dore Show

Hollywood has been perhaps the most stringent industry enforcing draconian COVID policies on vaccines, masking and the like, but cracks are appearing in the COVID-related walls constructed by show business productions. In fact, across the liberal spectrum that includes Hollywood, new questions about the COVID narrative are beginning to be asked, whether by Tim Robbins, Jamie Lee Curtis or others. The tide, it would seem, is turning.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the backpedaling underway by those who bought into the COVID narrative from the beginning.

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7 months ago

Maybe this is a good nickname for them “The Branch Covidians” cult. Of course they don’t have the Clinton machine after them like the defunct Branch Davidians did. The COVID machinery does operate like a cult. Wanting people forced to take shots or wear mask or face quarantine camps, imprisonment, being fired or censored proves it.

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