Here We Go Again: Red State School District Shuts Down Classes During ‘Tripledemic’

It’s a fucking tripledemic! Take cover! Triple bullshit…~TS

By Johnathan Jones | The Western Journal

A Kentucky school district sent students home for a week just as the school year was kicking off while public health officials complained of an uptick in COVID cases.

The Lee County School District posted on Facebook earlier this week that schools would be closed until Monday, Aug. 28.

The school system did not cite COVID as the reason for closure but rather “illness.”

“Due to Student and Staff Illness, there will be NO school on Tues, Aug 22nd and Wed, Aug 23rd,” the district said. “There will be [non-traditional instruction] Day #1 and [non-traditional instruction] Day #2 on Thurs, Aug 24th and Fri, Aug 25th.”

The Lee County School District, concluded, “Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

The New York Post reported that school started on Aug. 9, but 150 of the district’s 900 students were absent for some form of illness a week into the school year.

More than a dozen faculty and staff members also reported being sick.

People have reported cases of COVID, the flu and strep throat, which is being called a “tripledemic.”

WLEX-TV in Lexington spoke to Kentucky River District Public Health Director Scott Lockard, who said his area has seen a rise in COVID cases in the region.

“We’re seeing an increase in COVID-19 throughout the seven counties,” Lockard said. “In Lee County, the attendance is at that level where they felt they needed to make the call to dismiss classes the rest of the week.”

The district’s closure comes amid a wave of predictions that Americans will be asked to mask up again in the coming months.

CBS News attributed the warnings to three new COVID variants.

CNN spoke to a number of health “experts” on Thursday who each advised that mask mandates could return this fall.

“At least until the numbers start to drop again, it would be appropriate for President Biden to take some precautions and wear a mask in crowds,” said a cardiologist named Dr. Jonathan Reiner.

But it might be a hard sell trying to get Americans to fall in line with another sweeping round of COVID mandates.

As it relates to masking up, the term #NeverAgain was trending on X, which was formerly known as Twitter, on Thursday.

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