Did RINO Texas politicians ACTUALLY impeach an elected Attorney General with ZERO evidence?

Glenn Beck
Something is very wrong in Texas, Glenn says, and if it’s happening there, what could happen in YOUR state? The Texas state legislature is holding an impeachment trial for Attorney General Ken Paxton. But is this a legitimate trial or a RINO Republican hit-job? Texas Scorecard Managing Editor Brandon Waltens has been keeping an eye on the trial and he joins Glenn to explain how shockingly LITTLE evidence – if any – Paxton’s accusers have brought.

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7 days ago

I’m from Texas and me personally believe there is way more to the story with Paxton, and yes I do believe he is guilty and very corrupt, right along with Abbott, the truth will come out, slow but it will.. The corruption in Texas is no different than anywhere else in the US, I’m a conservative but never will I say again I am a republican and would die first before I put down as a democrat.. Beck is a blowhard, he sounds good sometimes and maybe right on a few things, but to me he is just like Tucker, I have no faith in either one of them. I’m sick of the two party symbols, they are both ruthless..

I just set back and go with my intuition and it’s usually right on, felt this way for a very long time, I wait for the cards to turn,

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