ACTUALLY! Android is more private than the iPhone!

The Hated One

The popular belief that iPhone is a privacy alternative to Android is wrong.
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Privacy is ultimately about taking control over what happens to your data. The less control you have, the more exposed you are. Most companies, much like Apple and Google, are working towards restricting user controls over their own devices.

It’s as simple as restricting where users can download apps from to an only place controlled by the platform. Or not allowing users to change default apps for messaging or browsing. Or not giving users an option to fully utilize their devices without self-identification to the company.

Unlike iOS on the iPhone, Android is a fundamentally open platform. Any restrictions put in place by Google can be reversed by the user, thus gaining leverage over what happens to your data far greater than you could ever get on an iPhone.

Apple made iPhones very secure, much like Google did with Pixel phones. But security isn’t the only privacy prerequisite. You need to have a comprehensive strategy that addresses other threats such as linkability and identifiability effectively. Only Android allows you to do that.

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