Attorney Accuses the CIA and DoD of Being Deeply Involved With COVID-19

The Vigilant Fox

“When someone got this [COVID] shot. They didn’t get it from Pfizer or Moderna. They got it from the DoD. The DoD distributed this,” testified attorney Tom Renz.

• Evidence suggests that COVID-19 was developed in the mid-2010s, with a Moderna patent from 2016 indicating a connection.

• A whistleblower provided military medical records showing a soldier receiving COVID-19 immunization by Moderna in 2014.

• Attorney Renz has developed a legal case against EcoHealth Alliance, alleging their involvement in creating SARS-CoV-2 with the CCP and Wuhan Lab.

• He then asked: “Does anybody believe that we transferred that sort of [bioweapon] technology to a CCP lab, without an okay from the DoD or CIA? I’ve got news for you. They knew exactly what was going on.”

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