WEF Front Witch Nikki Haley Calls for Americans to be Enslaved by Internet ID

The Alex Jones Show

GOP presidential contender Nikki Haley raised eyebrows Tuesday after claiming anonymous posts on social media pose a threat to “national security.”

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20 days ago

This woman has no shot at the nomination with most modern younger conservatives. Weary of contrived wars for the military industrial complex and the surveillance state she stepped in it. She is an establishment fossil.
However stranger things have happened. Murdoch and Fox are varnishing her daily. If the Jewish vote goes to the GOP in retaliation to the democrats and Trump gets put off the ticket with RFK Jr and others siphoning off votes then who knows ? And DeSantis is just Nikki Haley in drag.
Also a big number of democrats may stay home angered over the Gaza situation and further help darling Nikki.
We are being tag teamed by the shadow government.