We Are Dying In The Huxley Eugenics Nightmare

Bowne Report

The Fabian Society, in their ultimate snobbery, still wants you dead. They have always wanted you dead. The Huxley brothers along with fellow Eugenicists built an alternate governmental system known as the United Nations. It birthed the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization. These organizations are actively plotting and murdering you. Again, these organizations are actively plotting and murdering you.

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10 days ago

Many of our childhood memories invovle reading these Victorian era authors. H.G. Wells and Jules Vernes movies were popular. Some of my “educators” in elementary and middle school were big Huxley aficionados. I now know about their lust for one world government and global socialism as an adult. As well as the League of Nations and the globalist Transatlantic culture of the Oligarchy and Bankers.
They carefully ommited many of these eugenics details in little Johnny’s textbooks of my childhood. Or they blamed it all on the political right like Nazis all the while it was and is still prevalent in the establishment of all parties and movements in the West. The sooner people realize this the more able we will be able to resist.