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I’m a musician and animal lover who has been interested in and have researched areas such as UFOs, the paranormal and the occult for over twenty five years. I created a popular website dealing with these topics in 2000. This was in the pre-Facebook and social media days and before snappy names like “truth media” or “alternative news” came about. The site was online for about six years and had several million hits at the time I took it down. I also contributed to another blog for two years that dealt with similar topics and have since moved on and now created this blog. My goal is to simply wake people up and get them to reevaluate the world around them. I’m still learning like everybody else.

I want to keep this blog as a simple easy to navigate online news and information resource site. It will cover a wide array of topics and theories, not all of which I necessarily agree 100% with. All stories will go into categories, all categories will be listed on the right with sub-categories. Newest stories will be on the main part of the page with a brief snippet of the full story, click on it to read the full story. All stories will have the author listed and the site it came from and a link pointing to where I got it from. If it’s something written by me it will say “By TS” or have “~TS” after my commentary. I will not put every single news story for the day on the blog, I will put what I consider important news stories up for the week. I want this site to be a primarily a resource of information, not just a news site and it will take quite some time for me to posts even a tenth of what I want to. So this is a work in progress. If you’re looking for a site that has every single alternative news story for the day, go elsewhere, there’s thousands of those sites to choose from. I don’t have the interest or time to do that. As for posting comments to stories, if you decide to submit a ridiculous out of hand comment because a story annoys you, I won’t post your comment. This is not the comments section of YouTube. If you’re looking for that type of environment, go elsewhere.

I’m not interested in becoming a personality or receiving notoriety in the alternative news world. What matters to me is information and content and I prefer the written form but I realize not all people prefer reading information. I do enjoy the spoken word as well but I generally always found it easier to read something than to listen to a one or two hour podcast. A lot of people like to hear themselves talk. Give me a well written article or book that I can read and let me get to the meat and potatoes of the subject. I’m not against podcasts, there’s a lot of useful and informative material floating around and there’s some good hosts/interviewers out there but they’re few and far between in my opinion. I can count on one hand which podcasts I like. This field has plenty of people who want to do this type of stuff to make a name for themselves and are not really interested in waking people up, it just happens to be a vehicle for them to get some notoriety, make money, or to feed their ego. Or you have people and/or groups who want to put out disinformation and distract people. I have a very good BS filter after years of research, I usually can smell a shill and a sock puppet from a mile away. I don’t play that game and I don’t give attention to people who I feel do play that game or purposely push hokum. I will not post their videos, interviews, stories..etc…on this site. I may put a story up or cover a topic that I don’t agree with or am undecided on but I will usually comment on it. That’s the beauty of not wanting to impress other people and not wanting to be a “personality” in this field, I can say what I want.

Some people think being a open and critical thinker is buying into any conspiracy theory that comes their way or getting onboard with the hottest one…the one that’s trending at the moment. The bigger the better. That’s not open minded or critical, it’s gullible, foolish, and dangerous. A good dose of skepticism is a good thing, especially when you can’t find concrete evidence of something. You have to walk a fine line and you often may not get the proof you’re looking for in this field or other areas of life and you have to use deductive reasoning, common sense, or just go with your gut with some things.

Is the truth one person created in their head indeed stranger than someone else’s fiction?

Think about that one for a bit.

So that’s it, a simple blog with a simple mission, to wake people up. I will try to update this blog as much as possible but this may be a temporary effort due to how motivated I am, how much time I have to dedicate to it and other circumstances. We’ll see. I’m sure there will be people who think the material on this site is silly, that’s o.k., nobody is forcing you to read it.


P.S. I make zero dollars from this site. I’m doing this because I want to. Period.


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