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The Inflation Hoax

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts | Global Research Yes, prices are rising, but not for the reasons the Federal Reserve says. When I say inflation is a hoax, I mean the purported cause is a hoax. The Fed is fighting… Read More ›

The FTX Collapse Explained in 99 Seconds

Nobody Special Finance The collapse of Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX/Alameda empire has been swift and spectacular. I could talk about it for hours. But there’s no time for that. Here’s a mountain of crypto-fraud mayhem crammed into 99 seconds.

Europe will FREEZE this winter

Glenn Beck Massive protests are sweeping Europe — from London to Brussels — yet America’s mainstream media refuses to cover it. Why? Perhaps it’s because these protesters are fed-up with far-left policies that have resulted in sky-high inflation, dangerously low… Read More ›