Chordplay – The I-vi-IV-V Progression

Late Night Lessons Here’s the next episode of Chordplay with a special look at a very popular chord progression found in music – the ever-common I-vi-IV-V, which is also known as the “50s Progression” or “Doo-Wop Progression.” This beyond-common pattern… Read More ›

Ode to Ed

Okay, I finally got around to playing some Van Halen stuff again. I learned all this material way back in the day but haven’t messed with it in eons. This is a version of Eruption I recorded off the cuff… Read More ›

Steve Lukather – I Found The Sun Again

Hokey video but a beautiful tune…haunting melody…~TS Steve Lukather Here’s the official video for I Found The Sun Again, available now on all platforms:​ “It’s a spacy video with many inside bits…… and done in my house so… I… Read More ›