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On Hiatus

Hey folks, I have to step away from the site for a bit and take a break. I need to refresh my batteries or I’m going to wind up just deep-sixing the site and walking away from it completely. I… Read More ›

Happy New Year

I want to wish everybody a happy 2023. This site is going into it’s eighth year and millions of people have come through the doors in that time. Many people have contacted me to tell me how much they appreciate… Read More ›

Still going strong

Well apparently my site is getting some attention. I was recently contacted by somebody at a well known alt-media operation and asked to come on their show and discuss my take on the current state of society and where I… Read More ›

Site traffic being throttled.

Hi everybody, I’ve noticed the traffic coming to this site has dropped by about 60% over the last four weeks and has stayed there. While Google blacklisted my site years ago I’ve noticed referrals from other major search engines, including… Read More ›

RIP Jordan Maxwell

Jordan was a good guy and as smart as they come.. and he was tough. He was also very funny. I spoke with him at length on several occasions. Oh and Jordan, I still don’t know if it matters if… Read More ›

Doing some site maintenance

The website will be back in action with new posts later today or tomorrow. I’m in the process of making some changes on the backend. Update: 7/29/21. There’s been some major changes done on the backend, the site should be… Read More ›

John McAfee Final Interviews

FTMINVEST Never before seen footage of John McAfee not long before his arrest which ultimately concluded with his untimely death. Political activist, tax evasion, psychedelic enthusiast, a controversial character who had zero trust in the government and was vocal about… Read More ›