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Site traffic being throttled.

Hi everybody, I’ve noticed the traffic coming to this site has dropped by about 60% over the last four weeks and has stayed there. While Google blacklisted my site years ago I’ve noticed referrals from other major search engines, including… Read More ›

RIP Jordan Maxwell

Jordan was a good guy and as smart as they come.. and he was tough. He was also very funny. I spoke with him at length on several occasions. Oh and Jordan, I still don’t know if it matters if… Read More ›

Doing some site maintenance

The website will be back in action with new posts later today or tomorrow. I’m in the process of making some changes on the backend. Update: 7/29/21. There’s been some major changes done on the backend, the site should be… Read More ›

John McAfee Final Interviews

FTMINVEST Never before seen footage of John McAfee not long before his arrest which ultimately concluded with his untimely death. Political activist, tax evasion, psychedelic enthusiast, a controversial character who had zero trust in the government and was vocal about… Read More ›