5 Unsolved Mysteries

Top5s 00:00 The Haunted Hospital 02:35 Who Was Writing These Letters 09:24 The Terrifying Doris Bither Case 11:36 The Disturbing Story of Margaret Howe Lovatt 15:48 A Ghost Hunter’s Worst Nightmare

Top 5 Ghost Encounters

It’s October. It’s a tradition around here to post a lot of ghost/paranormal videos during this time of the year. As always, if you don’t like it, leave. 🙂…~TS Top5s Seriously Creepy Paranormal Videos No One Can Explain… 00:00 The… Read More ›

Missing 411 Documentary UFO Connection

Dave Paulides investigates cases of elk hunters who’ve gone missing from specific regions of North America, and explores the theory that there could be a connection between these disappearances and sightings of UFOs.