5 SCARY Ghost Videos

Top5s Our fascination with the paranormal remains feverishly high, with thousands of videos, photographs, and alleged audio recordings of spirits available online. Here then, we look at five eerie instances where ghosts have reportedly been caught on camera. So, it’s… Read More ›

5 Haunted Places in the UK

Top5s A recent poll has revealed that a third of british people believe in ghosts, spirits or other types of paranormal phenomena….could that be because they have experienced paranormal activity themselves or have come face to face with an entity?… Read More ›

5 Ouija Board Stories

I post a lot of material dealing with the paranormal during the month of October. Long time followers of my site know this. It’s something I have done since putting the site up…~TS Top5s Is an Ouija board a harmless… Read More ›

5 Ghost Photographs

Top5s Here at Top5s we love a good ghost image or story and are happy to embrace anything supernatural, of course, some of it is a bit tongue in cheek. However every now and then we see images and videos… Read More ›

5 Dangerous Magic Books That Invoke Evil

The Paranormal Scholar Since man has possessed written language, man has sought to document secret knowledge. Spells. Rituals. Summonings and invocations. Condemned as espousing evil and being against natural law, many of these books have been pushed underground – their… Read More ›

Psychic Self Defence

By Institute for Gnostic Studies They’re out there, moving stealthily in the darkness. The black magicians, the occult terrorists, Satanists, Mansonoids, Mindwarpers, Cattle Mutilators. “Nights black agents” as the Bard called them. They’re calling down curses on their enemies, sticking pins in Voodoo Dolls,… Read More ›