Police State

The Restrict Act Is Pure Treason

Among other things, this will enable them to go after websites that don’t parrot the official establishment narrative and label the content as “treasonous”. This is bad shit. They’re dropping the hammer…~TS Bowne Report Is Senator Lindsay Graham a liar… Read More ›

UK Schools Ban All Physical Contact

Teens will be forbidden from hugging and holding hands in order to keep them “safe,” school authorities said By RT Two British schools announced this week that they would ban all forms of physical contact between students – forbidding “hand-holding,” “hugging,” and… Read More ›

January 6th Playbook Worldwide

Bowne Report The January 6th Anniversary is turning out to be a Holiday of Propaganda for the State. A day to celebrate lies upon lies and the corrupt Washington D.C. establishment’s gaslighting of America. Two years later, the real evidence… Read More ›