RFKj: Pros & Cons

I like RFK’s position on vaccines, on some other stuff, not so much. Remember his wife is part of the Hollywood jew club and if you think she’s not going to influence any of his decisions you’re a fool…~TS The… Read More ›

Joe Biden Is Not OK

No shit…~TS There is nothing unique about being a scatterbrained 80-year-old. But a scatterbrained 80-year-old should not be president. By David Harsanyi | The Federalist The other day, Joe Biden ended a big gun-control speech in Connecticut with the words,… Read More ›

RFK Jr Surging in polls.

Blah, blah, blah. More talk, more bullshit. What’s funny is some people I know in the alt-media who crap all over the electoral system and say it’s completely rigged are going to vote for RFK Jr. Do they think everything… Read More ›

Trump CNN Town Hall Beatdown

Posting this for people who give a shit. Trump is not getting back in and RFK Jr. isn’t getting in either. Biden will be reinstalled. That’s my prediction. Even my so called “open and critical thinking” friends and family think… Read More ›

Biden REFUSES To Debate RFK Jr.

Of course. There doesn’t need to be any debates because Biden will be reinstalled, not elected.. again…~TS The Jimmy Dore Show During an appearance with fellow MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, Symone Sanders disparagingly and dismissively declared that there would be… Read More ›