Chinese Balloon False Flag

I’m not buying any of this bullshit balloon story. I wasn’t going to even post anything about it because it’s so fucking stupid. I’m not a big Stew Peters fan but I agree with him here. Besides being a distraction… Read More ›

AI Will Render Truth Obsolete

Bowne Report The desperate propagandists of the New World Order are scurrying around the decadent halls of Davos, Switzerland. Pushing their war against misinformation to any fool that will listen. Meanwhile, AI journalism is purposefully being ignored for the massive… Read More ›

January 6th Playbook Worldwide

Bowne Report The January 6th Anniversary is turning out to be a Holiday of Propaganda for the State. A day to celebrate lies upon lies and the corrupt Washington D.C. establishment’s gaslighting of America. Two years later, the real evidence… Read More ›

More on Anti-Antisemitism

Apparently it is needed everywhere By Philip Giraldi | The Unz Review It seems that if there is one thing that those at the top of the United States government and the national media really want for the holidays is… Read More ›

Where Did The Flu Go?

It got renamed as Covid-19. 😉 As an added bonus now they’ll blame the flu for all of the Covid vaccine injuries. See how that works? Nifty right? Bowne Report The Biden Administration continues to double and even triple down… Read More ›