Transhumanism and the Metaverse

By Charles Eisenstein Ever since the archaic divergence of humanity from other hominids, our systems of tools and symbols have developed at an accelerating pace. We depend less and less on the physical capacities of our bodies. We operate more… Read More ›

Why Were So Many UFOs Spotted During WWII?

DestinationDeclassified In this video we will seek to identify and describe some of the most baffling and authentic sightings of unidentified flying objects which appeared during World War Two. Were the sightings legitimate or just figments of people’s imagination? Were… Read More ›

Pentagon Confirms UFOs are Real

Yes some are real and not of this Earth but everybody has been programmed for the last 70 years to think they’re all fake or flying Nazi garbage cans, so nobody cares. Mission accomplished. And fuck the fake alien invasion… Read More ›

Done deal: Elon Musk buys Twitter

Will anything change on Twitter in terms of drastically reducing censorship? I have my doubts but we’ll see…~TS By Michael Austin | The Western Journal It became official on Monday — Elon Musk is acquiring Twitter. According to a news… Read More ›

How To Be Anonymous In The Streets

The Hated One The 21st century has erased the relative anonymity of the public square. Street surveillance is so advanced and ubiquitous today that anyone and everyone can be identified and tracked at a distance without consent. No one should… Read More ›