The Occult

5 Dangerous Magic Books That Invoke Evil

The Paranormal Scholar Since man has possessed written language, man has sought to document secret knowledge. Spells. Rituals. Summonings and invocations. Condemned as espousing evil and being against natural law, many of these books have been pushed underground – their… Read More ›

The Secret of The Shining

Jay Myers Documentaries The Shining is a horror classic but did filmmaker Stanley Kubrick hide a secret code within the movie? It is widely believed that Kubrick was privy to inside information secrets he hid in his works such as… Read More ›

The Mystery Language

By Occult Mysteries An investigation of the universal language of Occult Science and the keys to it Introduction The aim of this investigation is threefold. Firstly, to show that every theology, from the earliest and oldest down to the latest,… Read More ›