The Occult

RIP Jordan Maxwell

Jordan was a good guy and as smart as they come.. and he was tough. He was also very funny. I spoke with him at length on several occasions. Oh and Jordan, I still don’t know if it matters if… Read More ›

Creative Destruction

By Joseph “Joe” Panek | A Seeker’s Thoughts “Please get out of the new world if you can’t lend a hand, for the times they are a-changin’ “ – Bob Dylan, poet and songwriter Every Divine Principle within the realm… Read More ›

5 Dangerous Magic Books That Invoke Evil

The Paranormal Scholar Since man has possessed written language, man has sought to document secret knowledge. Spells. Rituals. Summonings and invocations. Condemned as espousing evil and being against natural law, many of these books have been pushed underground – their… Read More ›