The Final Moves Of The NWO

Bowne Report As the New World Order’s Frankenstein Monster celebrates its centennial celebration of Communist rule, America is purposefully in decline. Every aspect of cultural warfare has and is being waged on American civil liberties. The communists that infiltrated our… Read More ›

The Shoddiness of ‘Big Think’ Media

By Eric Zuesse | Strategic Culture On October 5th, The Atlantic, a pretentious American popular ‘big think’ magazine (selling 552,242 copies per issue), headlined an 8,500-word essay from the New York Times columnist and PBS NewsHour commentator David Brooks, “America… Read More ›

In Defense of Kyle Rittenhouse

I’ve already trashed several comments from lefties about Kyle Rittenhouse. Kyle Rittenhouse did what needed to be done, he was willing to give up his freedom to fight for other people’s freedom and he defended himself. It’s o.k. though to… Read More ›

Satan on an airplane?

I couldn’t care less if somebody wears a hail Satan shirt. I don’t agree with their ideology but they have the right to wear the shirt. Est. 666. lol…~TS

Germany Did Not Start World War II

By Paul Craig Roberts | IPE This is the second installment of Ron Unz’s long report on the emergent truth about World War II. ( Unz has a facility for summarizing vast works of scholarship into their essentials. Unz is… Read More ›

Goodbye, America

Where already living in the dystopian world that was foreshadowed in 1984 and most people are too stupid to realize it, including many in the alt-media. So keep throwing out cute phrases like “your truth” and “my truth” and continue… Read More ›

Tucker Carlson at the Nixon Library

Richard Nixon Foundation Host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on the Fox News Channel Author of “Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution” Introduced by Christopher Nixon Cox, grandson of President and… Read More ›