The New Green Warriors, CO2 Neutral

By Werner Rügemer | Strategic Culture Germany’s largest defense contractor is U.S.-owned — and it produces “eco-friendly mobility,” Werner Rügemer writes. The German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall already served Kaiser Wilhelm and Adolf Hitler lucratively in WW1 and WW2. In the Federal Republic… Read More ›

Aleister Crowley: Secret Agent 666

Richard B. Spence with Joe Rupe, September 13, 2018. “Author Richard B. Spence can be seen on various documentaries on the History Channel and is a consultant for Washington, DC’s International Spy Museum. In addition to Secret Agent 666: Aleister… Read More ›

Black Hand: The Devil Himself

How an elite London night club fell under the control of an intelligence-linked sex blackmail agent, self-described satanist and antique dealer named Horace Dibben. By Johnny Vedmore |  Unlimited Hangout The peculiar and fascinating Horace “Hod” Dibben took over Esmeralda’s… Read More ›

War Propaganda About Ukraine Starting to Wear Thin

Starting to?…~TS By Chay Bowes | CovertAction Magazine As Amnesty International confirms the inconvenient truths, which many independent journalists and political observers already knew, about the Ukrainian army’s behavior in Donbass, it’s worth examining how manipulating the truth has become—not only an… Read More ›

Ukraine: The Disinformation War

By Declan Hayes | Strategic Culture Radio 4’s hit piece was a personalized attack on a number of British-based academics, who had been recently named and shamed in the British House of Commons for not being sufficiently Russophobic Ukraine: The Disinformation… Read More ›