The Huawei Backdoor Conspiracy

The Hated One Did intelligence operatives install backdoor into Huawei products? Huawei is the world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and one of the top smartphone makers in the globe. The Huawei empire now sells products or carries the traffic… Read More ›

Jews and Revolutions

By Larry Romanoff | The Unz Review Introduction Much of the so-called “history” we were taught in our schools has not been so accurate as we might have believed. In particular, the book publishers, with cunning aforethought, have managed to… Read More ›

The Guilty Men Behind UK’s Lockdown

By Paula Jardine | TCW Part I On January 23, 2020, the day that the Chinese authorities sent their dramatic message to the world by putting the sprawling mid-China city of Wuhan under lockdown, the Biotech company Moderna signed a $1million funding agreement with the Coalition… Read More ›

Downfall: Asshole Fauci Resigns

Of course he won’t be held accountable for anything…~TS The spectacular rise and fall of “America’s doctor” By Michael Senger | Substack After more than five decades in the federal government, Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy… Read More ›

DNA The Perfect Weapon

The Bowne Report Colorado U.S Representative Jason Crow recently warned at the Aspen Security Forum just what Infowars has been warning for well over a decade since Google’s YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki founded the company 23 and me. It’s a… Read More ›

Reading the Runes of War

By Alastair Crooke | Strategic Culture Putin’s policy of cleansing the Augean Stables of ‘predatory western capital’ is music to the ears of the Global South, Alastair Crooke writes. Of course, the conflict, to all intents, is settled – though… Read More ›

War Makes for Clarity

In America – as in Europe – there is fear and anger at system disintegration, Alastair Crooke writes. The train wreck has been expected for so long that we have become comfortable living under its shadow. Life went on; markets… Read More ›

Bilderberg does China

By Pepe Escobar | Strategic Culture When Davos and Bilderberg messenger boys look at The Grand Chessboard, they realize that their era of perpetual free lunch is over. Discreetly, as under the radar as a looming virus, the 68th Bilderberg… Read More ›

A World at War?

Biden lashes out against “enemies” as our country declines By Philip Giraldi | The Unz Review One recalls that when war fever surged demanding intervention by Imperial Britain in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877, a song became popular in the… Read More ›