2000 Felons & Zero Justice

I watched 2000 Mules last night, it just confirmed what I already knew since 2020. But as usual, nothing will happen. As I have said dozens of times, Joe Biden was installed and the plan is to finish taking down… Read More ›

Uncle Sam’s Nazi Warriors

By Mike Whitney | The Unz Review “I have spoken with my Western colleagues about denazification. They say:” What’s the problem? You also have radical nationalists, don’t you?” Yes, we do, but we don’t have them in our government like… Read More ›

The Privatization of Global Chaos

A recent off-hand remark by one of America’s oligarchs points toward a new methodology for undermining what is left of international law and order. Speaking in earnest or in jest, nobody really knows, but smart money would certainly bet on… Read More ›