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Convenience Is An Opiate

We must be willing to say no, and even forgo certain technologies, when we see that the risks and costs outweigh the convenience they might provide. By Lori Weintz | Substack Opiate (noun) a drug that acts to block pain,… Read More ›

DNA The Perfect Weapon

The Bowne Report Colorado U.S Representative Jason Crow recently warned at the Aspen Security Forum just what Infowars has been warning for well over a decade since Google’s YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki founded the company 23 and me. It’s a… Read More ›

My Phone Is Anonymous Now

The Hated One I can’t trust anyone with my data. When I use a phone with a Google Account or Apple ID, these companies are by default going to be collect unique hardware identifiers, my location information and app usage… Read More ›

Bill to Require ID to Visit Websites

It has nothing to do with protecting kids. They don’t give a shit about your kids…~TS The David Knight Show They say it’s to protect kids. But who protects our identities and our privacy?

How To Be Anonymous In The Streets

The Hated One The 21st century has erased the relative anonymity of the public square. Street surveillance is so advanced and ubiquitous today that anyone and everyone can be identified and tracked at a distance without consent. No one should… Read More ›