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How To Be Anonymous In The Streets

The Hated One The 21st century has erased the relative anonymity of the public square. Street surveillance is so advanced and ubiquitous today that anyone and everyone can be identified and tracked at a distance without consent. No one should… Read More ›

Implanted COVID Microchip Is Here

Another conspiracy fact…~TS The Jimmy Dore Show A Swedish firm called Epicenter has developed an injectable microchip that can serve as a digital COVID passport. Critics are suggesting that the device confirms the worst fears of conspiracy theorists. Jimmy discusses… Read More ›

The True Face of Facebook

By Manlio Dinucci | Global Research “The Facebook outage was a planetary-scale demonstration of how essential the company’s services have become to daily life” headlines the New York Times, pointing out that Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger are fundamental to the… Read More ›