NZ Whistleblower Raided by Police

Maria Zeee Journalist Liz Gunn releases an official statement advising the NZ Ministry of Health Whistleblower and person working with him have both been raided by police. Liz Gunn reports police are still surrounding the Whistleblowers’ home after several hours… Read More ›

Henry Kissinger Dead At 100

Good…~TS By Zero Hedge Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has reportedly died, according to The Washington Post. The statesman passed away at the age of 100 at his Connecticut home, according to a statement from his consulting firm, which… Read More ›


Bowne Report According to recent data regarding the Covid Vaccine rollout roughly 20 million people were killed and roughly 2 billion were injured. And barely anything has been done to those responsible that became billionaires overnight profiting from the cold… Read More ›

Gaza Humanitarian Crisis: Hospitals, More than 11,000 Deaths

By If Americans Knew | Israel-Palestine News Palestinian death toll: 11,025[1] (10,829 in Gaza[2] (including at least 4,506 children and 3,027 women), and at least 196 in the West Bank).  Palestinian injuries: 30,076[2] (including at least 27,490 in Gaza[2] and 2,625 in the West Bank). It remains unknown how many Americans are among the… Read More ›

Fauci & CIA Collude For Covid Genocide

Bowne Report Dr. Anthony Fauci was smuggled into CIA headquarters, “without a record of entry,” where he “participated in the analysis to ‘influence’ the Agency’s” Covid-19 investigation, according to the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic. The psyop is… Read More ›