America Wakes Up To DARPA Onslaught

Bowne Report The nano attack strategy on an unsuspecting humanity into their neural and nervous systems has been underway in the rooms of Universities and Pentagon seminars for decades. Uncovered clips of DARPA scientist Dr. James Giordano reveal the synthesis… Read More ›

The Vax-Gene Files: An Accidental Discovery

By Julie Sladden and Julian Gillespie | Brownstone Institute In 1928 scientist Alexander Fleming returned to his laboratory after a 2-week holiday.  A petri dish of bacteria accidentally left on the lab bench, somehow became cross-contaminated with Penicillium notatum mould. … Read More ›

DNA The Perfect Weapon

The Bowne Report Colorado U.S Representative Jason Crow recently warned at the Aspen Security Forum just what Infowars has been warning for well over a decade since Google’s YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki founded the company 23 and me. It’s a… Read More ›