Aleister Crowley: Secret Agent 666

Richard B. Spence with Joe Rupe, September 13, 2018. “Author Richard B. Spence can be seen on various documentaries on the History Channel and is a consultant for Washington, DC’s International Spy Museum. In addition to Secret Agent 666: Aleister… Read More ›

Black Hand: The Devil Himself

How an elite London night club fell under the control of an intelligence-linked sex blackmail agent, self-described satanist and antique dealer named Horace Dibben. By Johnny Vedmore |  Unlimited Hangout The peculiar and fascinating Horace “Hod” Dibben took over Esmeralda’s… Read More ›

Army Spied on Lockdown Critics

By Glen Owen | Daily Mail Online Military operatives were part of an operation that targeted politicians and high-profile journalists who raised doubts about the official pandemic response READ MORE: Critics slam £14.9bn of ‘extraordinary waste’ on overpriced, faulty or unused pandemic-era… Read More ›

Biden sends Ukraine TANKS.

Glenn Beck Why would President Biden send U.S. tanks to Ukraine? Tanks are an offensive tool, not a defensive one, and this latest move from Biden (and Europe) will only bring us one step closer to World War 3 with… Read More ›

UK Schools Ban All Physical Contact

Teens will be forbidden from hugging and holding hands in order to keep them “safe,” school authorities said By RT Two British schools announced this week that they would ban all forms of physical contact between students – forbidding “hand-holding,” “hugging,” and… Read More ›

Who Needs or Wants GMOs?

By Colin Todhunter | Global Research Many scientists lobbying for the deregulation of agricultural biotechnology ‘new genomic techniques’ (NGTs) in the European Union have either direct or indirect interests in commercialising and marketing new genetically modified organisms (GMOs). They have… Read More ›