false flag

Was 10/7 A False Flag?

By Scott Lazarowitz | Activist Post The October 7th Hamas attack on Israelis has been referred to as “Israel’s 9/11,” which gives us good reason to believe that it was probably another false flag psy-op. Some people really do believe… Read More ›

Uvalde School Shooting HOAX?

You have to be careful with stuff like this because there will be a real shooting or event and the establishment will have their plants in the alt-media claim it’s fake with the intent to de-platform people who jump on… Read More ›

Power Grid Kill Switch Discovered

Bowne Report The next clandestine move for the architects of the Great Reset following the Plandemic Vaccine rollout that is slowly happening in killing millions as I speak is cyberwarfare. And just as the Plandemic was publicly forecasted amongst its… Read More ›