The Old Dogs Needs Some New Tricks

By Eamon McKinney | Strategic Culture While the world slides towards a chaotic future the MSM remains wilfully oblivious to the suffering it has enabled. The Globalists’ agenda has progressed steadily over the years, it’s evil intent has brought us… Read More ›

G7 Pushes Mass Extermination

Bowne Report The start of the G7 was the predictable embarrassment only Joe Biden could deliver. Complete with Biden’s trademark creepiness. Moments of raging dementia. Replete with Cringe worthy pandemic theatrics from the finest crop of globalist twits in human… Read More ›

EU response to Brexit: Totalitarian Super State

Measure will strip sovereignty of member states By Kurt Nimmo | Infowars The Polish news channel TVP Info reports French and German foreign ministers are ready to reveal a super state “ultimatum” to EU countries in response to Brexit.… Read More ›

BREXIT: Independence Day for Britain? Will June 23 be Britain’s 4th of July? The vote on whether Britain will leave the European Union will be held Thursday. Lord Monckton explains why BREXIT is part of the movement against globalist efforts to eradicate democracies worldwide.